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Now comes the part that always makes me a bit uncomfortable as an introvert - telling you a bit about myself. 

Coco + Moss was originally started on Etsy as a modern home decor shop, but I soon realised that I am passionate about one main room in every family's home - The nursery/kids room.

As a new mom, I came to understand how difficult it can be for parents to find beautiful textile options for their babies and children that are elegant and not overly childish, but still affordable.

In my search for the perfect nursery for my own little one, I quickly realised that I could either settle for the typical blue and pink options of the past, or create my own crib sheets, swaddles and blankets with modern designs. I know that not every new mom or dad has the time for this option, so at Coco + Moss I offer exquisitely patterned baby options that are hand-sewn for quality and durability.

All items are offered in beautiful patterns you are unlikely to find anywhere else and made with your baby in mind. I use only the softest, most durable fabrics I can find and would be proud to use any of these items in my own daughters' nurseries. I hope that you will also feel the same way. 

All the best,

 Happy family at the beach Coco + Moss