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Dark Forest Wallpaper
Dark Forest Wallpaper

Dark Forest Wallpaper

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Bring the feel of the forest full of animals at night into your little ones rustic nursery. Features fox, deer and other forest creatures.

All paper options are printed with eco-friendly water based inks and hold up well to scratches/abrasions. With a 10 year guarantee for color fastness when kept out of direct sunlight, and multiple paper options and roll sizes to choose from, what's not to love?

Comes in multiple different roll lengths and paper options:

Roll Lengths:

  •  Sample - 24.4 inch by 11.8 inch (62 cm x 30 cm) sample of design to color match or check for quality.
  • Small Roll - 24.4 inch by 49.2 inch (62 cm x 125 cm) roll. This roll covers approx. 8 square fee or 0.74 square meters.
  • Medium Roll - 24.4 inch by 98.4 inch (62 cm x 250 cm). This roll covers approx. 16 square feet or 1.5 square meters.
  • Large Roll - 24.4 inch by 120 inch (62 cm x 305 cm). This roll covers approx. 20 square feet or 1.9 square meters.
  • XL Roll - 24.4 inch by 197 inch (62 cm x 500 cm). This roll covers approx. 33 square feet or 3 square meters.
  • XXL Roll - 24.4 inch by 394 inch (62 cm x 1000 cm). This roll covers approx. 65 square feet or 6 square meters.

Pattern repeat is 24.4 inches for all roll options. Detailed instructions are also included.

Paper Options:

  • Standard (3.54 oz/120 gsm) - our standard paper is a great budget option and works best on walls that are white or cream with no patterns or prints that can show through. This paper is tough and holds up well against scratches. For best results, not to be applied to dark walls unless they are painted lighter first or until after a lining paper is applied. The standard paper is applied with paste (not included).
  • Premium (5.10 oz/173 gsm) - our premium paper is a great option for walls that are dark in color as it is fully opaque once applied. This cuts out the need to paint it lighter or apply lining paper. As with the standard option, this paper is scratch resistant. This wallpaper is precoated with adhesive and water activated; Simply spray the wall with water and apply.
  • Peel and Stick (10.32 oz/350 gsm) - A favorite option for rentals, this paper is quick drying and water-resistant. Also, fully opaque to not worry about what color the wall is underneath. Simply peel the backing and stick anywhere you'd like, as many times as you'd like. This paper is matte and textured for a luxury feel.

Please keep in mind before purchase that while our wallpaper will stick to many surfaces, we do not recommend for any rough surfaces, including cement, rough paint work and brick. It is also made only for indoor use, so we do not recommend using it outdoors or anywhere that it will be in the elements.
Color: Blue, Purple, White
Size: Standard US Crib, Mini Crib
Material: 100% Polyester